Communicator Coaching

Speak with People…Not at them.

Are you ready to become a captivating, focused and more empathetic communicator?

Good, you’ve come to the right place! Speak with People, Not at Them is for communicators who want to get better. It’s that simple! You want to use your gifts and be used by God to help spark amazing life change in the people you’re teaching! That’s great! That’s why we do this!

You stand up each week to deliver content that is supposed to be inspiring, creative, and informative. But is it? Hopefully it will shape culture, cast vision, and connect with people in the process. But again, is it? Are you just throwing out information and hoping it sticks? In the midst of all of your prep, research and delivery, are you actually becoming a better communicator?

So, how do you get better? How do you become a stronger communicator? Is it just by more speaking experiences? Is it by others evaluating you? And, on top of that, you have to lead your staff and organization, so how do you have the time to improve?

Believe me I know, I’ve been a communicator for 24 years. I’ve spoken at camps and retreats, churches and businesses, schools and colleges, young and old, big and small crowds. I’ve been on hundreds of stages and in front of hundreds of different audiences and venues. And one thing I’ve learned that applies across the board is that LIFE CHANGE really does happen when you SPEAK with PEOPLE and not at them!

When you speak with them, you become a captivating communicator. People want to listen. You become more and more focused. People will track with every word you deliver. And, you become more empathetic. People will know that you really do care for them and want them to experience transformation in their lives.

Being a communicator is a great privilege. The responsibility to stand on stage or behind a camera or through social media or on a page is great. To research, wrestle with the content, shape and build it into a message, tell stories that bring value and life and then to deliver it, well, it’s just simply amazing! And the absolutely amazing part of the entire process is when someone who is listening, actually leans in and experiences life change because of this process. It’s incredible!

So, whether you’ve been communicating for months or years, every communicator has to keep building their craft. Every communicator can deepen their gifts and speaking skills by becoming a more captivating, more focused and more empathetic communicator.

Coaching for Communicators

Length: A 3 month Journey

  • Starting on February 7th and meeting every Thursday for 12 weeks on

Who: Any type of Communicator (Pastors, Youth Pastors, Teaching Pastors, Ministry Directors, Marketing Leaders, Sales Executives, Teachers, Speakers, Aspiring Communicators)

How: Meeting together in a cohort of 7-9.

  • We experience the best life change together! We will learn together and help each other become better communicators.

Time: One Hour a week online

  • 35 minutes of teaching from Jason Raitz and 25 minutes of cohort community development.
  • We will also have a Private Facebook Group where we will be available to each other to ask questions and to learn from each other.

Details: Note Journals will be emailed to you each week to take notes and all sessions are recorded and will be available to you to watch again.

Growth: Along with the teaching, every communicator will present a 10 minute message to the cohort and we will evaluate each other.

Topics Include:

  • Your Life as a Communicator
    • Communication, Physical, Emotional, Relational, Spiritual Health
  • The dreaded but exciting world of Organization
    • Scheduling your life around your message prep
    • Message organization
  • Clarity is your best friend
    • The Clarity Box
    • The Big Idea
  • Learning how to really tell a story
    • Bringing a story to life
    • The 7 keys to a great story
  • Laughter: Every Communicators best friend
    • Laughter opens the door to Listening and Learning
  • Building up other Communicators
    • Developing a team of communicators
  • Caring, no, really Caring for your audience
    • Becoming a more empathetic communicator
    • Learning the balance between authenticity and transparency

Cost: 12 weeks = $600 [$50 a week]

  • $450 if paid upfront by February 7th (start date)
  • Pay each week via PayPal (, Apple Pay, or by sending a Check to Jason Raitz (1010 Monterrey Trail, Lake Isabella, MI 48893)
  • If you commit to this Cohort, you are committing to pay each week for your journey whether you make the online training or not.

Benefits: You will work with someone who will Challenge you, Push you, Encourage you and Cheer for you to become the Communicator you dream of being!

  • Plus, you will develop relationships with your cohort and they will do the same.

Jason Raitz Bio: Jason has been speaking since he was 11 years old! He would set up a stage in his parents basement and speak to his neighborhood friends. At the age of 19, he began to teach weekly. In 1997, he was paid for his first professional speaking engagement. Since then, he was spoke for more than 100,000 people across the country.

He has been studying the art of communicating for more than 20 years and would love to become your coach! You will have 24/7 access to Jason and you will also have access to his teaching library.

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