‘I’ve been to a zillion camps and retreats. During the last 40 years, I’ve seen few ministries put speakers like Jason Raitz in front of students. I’ve heard few speakers deliver the content of scripture with such humor, creativity and clarity.’ 
~Mark Beeson [Pastor, Granger Community Church]

I have been speaking for as long as I can remember. I have always loved it. It’s an honor that I never take lightly.Jason Speaking

And, I don’t know how it happened. But over the last 20 years, I have had the privilege of speaking from over 500+ stages and to over 100,000 people!

I have spoke for audiences of all sizes and shapes. Dozens of people to 5000. All over the US. But, never in Canada! A travesty, right!?!

My passion is to SPEAK WITH people, not at them.

I love to tell stories. I love to laugh with the audience. Because laughter breaks down walls and opens the door to healing and hope!

I love helping others Find and Follow Jesus. 

I’m a Pastor and a Church Planter. Before that, I gave my life to working with students in Churches and in Public Schools. I know the importance of having the right speaker.

So, I hope you will consider me. I have spoke to just about every kind of audience.

  • Churches, Student events, Conferences, Camps and Retreats.
  • Public schools assemblies, teaching trainings and parent seminars.
  • Non-profit Organizations, For Profit Organizations and colleges.

I would love to partner with you.

“Jason is funny, insightful and Biblical.  He engages every kind of audience as he delivers life transforming truth in an incredibly relevant way” ~Greg Nettle, President of Stadia

Let’s partner together! Fill out this Form and let’s work together!

If you want more info, check out these links:

The Longer Story

Jason has been speaking to audiences of all ages and sizes since 1995.IMG_1897

For 23 years, Jason has served local churches in Detroit, Chicago and Central Michigan. He’s been a Youth Pastor, Small Group Pastor, Teaching Pastor and Church Planter. He has served Churches of all shapes and sizes; including two of largest churches in the United States…(NorthRidge Church, where he led the middle school Ministry) and (Willow Creek Church, where he lead the small groups for the middle school ministry). In 2012, he launched a non-profit organization called Live Now Leadership to help students unleash a wave of kindness in their schools.

He’s been speaking nationally since 1998 and he has taught tens of thousands of students and adults in almost every state and has for audiences of all sizes. Whether it’s in a retreat setting or 5000 on a conference tour, Jason loves to connect with his audience and motivate them to live a great story with their lives. His unique life experiences, humorous approach to live and a captivating gift of storytelling have helped him become a transparent and authentic communicator for both students and adults.

In October of 2013, Jason and his wife planted Thrive Church MI. We planted Thrive Church for people who have given up on God and given up on Church. We’re Simple, Fun and Real.





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