Communication Coaching Cohort Prepay


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This 3 month journey will help you grow as a communicator. Are you ready to grow your communication skills? 

You will meet weekly for 3 months in an online Zoom online portal with 7-9 other communicators and Jason Raitz. 

You will have a weekly Notes PDF emailed to you on Monday of each week. It will have an assignment to complete and some optional reading and messages to watch. 

You will have access to a private facebook group for the communicators in our online portal. This group will be used to help us sharpen each other, ask questions and grow in our communication knowledge. 

Prepay cost is $450 for the entire 3 month cohort. Payment is due by February 7, 2019. You can pay online, at PayPal ( or by sending a check to: 1010 Monterrey Trail, Lake Isabella, MI 48893. 

This is going to be a GREAT journey! 

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