Help Bring Kai Home

Welcome to our fundraising and adoption page! We would love your help and support to Bring Kai Home! Kai is a 2.5 half year old amazing little boy in China who God has lead us to adopt!img_1729

We have felt called and lead to adopt a child for a long time and back in the fall of 2015 we started taking steps toward an adoption.

A little about our journey and how God lead us to Kai.

There are 6 of us in our family (Jason & Tracie, Rebekah (16), Robert (14), Zach (12) and Madison (8). Our two youngest kids have a genetic disorder called PKU and we specifically felt called to adopt a child with PKU.

Back in the fall, God lead us to a little 16 month old baby girl in China that we named Winona Mae after Tracie’s grandmothers. Things were moving along nicely when our hearts were broken by the news that Winona passed away in her orphanage in early Feb of 2016. To be honest, it stopped us dead in our tracks. Our entire family grieved for this precious baby girl that already felt like she was with us.

We took a month to grieve and pray and we believe God laid it on our hearts to keep moving forward with our adoption.

He lead us to Kai!IMG_2245

He’s a 2.5 year boy with an amazing smile who also has PKU. When we started our adoption process, our goal was to raise $36,000. We are more than half way there!

Right now, we are waiting to hear from China with the final approval and travel dates. Our early paperwork is completed. Our home study was completed and approved. Our I800 and Dossier have been completed and sent to China! What a journey it has been!

We are now turning our efforts to raise our expenses for our trip to China. Once we get our travel dates, we will need to raise the funds for airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and Kai’s visa.

We cannot do this without friends and family and those who believe passionately about caring for orphans!

Would you help us? Would you pray for us?

Would you help us raise funds for our adoption?

If you want to be a part of his adoption, we have made a puzzle and we would love to send you a piece and a picture of the completed puzzle. There are 252 pieces to the puzzle and if you would like to donate the amount of a puzzle piece, that would be huge. So, if you wanted piece number 31, you could donate 31 dollars.img_2567

If you would like to give online, you can head…


If you would like to send a check, you send it to…

Jason Raitz/Kai’s Adoption

1010 Monterrey Trail, Lake Isabella, MI 48893.

Thank you for considering, thank you for praying!