Irrational Generosity is LIFE CHANGING!

I love irrational generosity.  That phrase doesn't make sense to a lot of people. It's amazing what happens in someone's life when they put God first with their generosity. In my life, I've experienced miracles. I've experienced blessings that I can't even come to grips with as I've taken steps to live irrationally generous. The... Continue Reading →


How to Respect your Pastor by Tracie Raitz

I was asked to write an article about how to Respect your Pastor from the Pastor’s Wife perspective. I have been mulling this topic over in my mind and trying to decide what to write and how to write it so it doesn’t come across as complaining or finger pointing. I hope what I write... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to the most influential man in my life…my dad.

Happy Birthday Dad! Simply put...he's my hero. He's spent his entire life sacrificing for others. Put his dreams on hold and put his family first. My dad's faith is amazing. His knowledge of scripture is unreal. His wisdom is off the charts. He loves Jesus with his entire heart. My dad's love for his family is... Continue Reading →

‘Waiting is an act of Faith’. Message notes from week two of our Buffering series at Thrive Church.

Message Notes: Slide # 1. Series Theme Slide Good Morning Thrive Church! My name is Jason Raitz and I’m the Pastor of Thrive Church! How are we doing this morning! Did you know that there are 3 other Churches in a network with us? Thrive TX in Houston and Thrive CA in northern CA. All... Continue Reading →

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