Sermon Notes: How to Wreck Your Life. Week One. ‘Be afraid to Fail’.

Good Morning Thrive Church! How are we doing this morning? Who has ever FAILED at something? Who has ever felt like a FAILURE? Well, if you answered YES to either question, you're in the right place. Today, we look at a way to utterly and positively WRECK YOUR LIFE. But, here’s the reality, there are... Continue Reading →

Hey Thrive…10 Ways to make this Sunday Off the Charts AHMAZING!

Hey Thrive Church!!   OH MY GOODNESS...SUNDAY IS ALMOST HERE!!!! 10 Ways you can make Sunday off the charts AMAZING 1. PLEASE don't miss this Sunday!! You know, there are 4-6 Sunday's a year where we plan for longer, invest greater and pray bigger. This is one of those Sundays!! So many amazing things going... Continue Reading →

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