Maybe our parenting approach is all wrong?!? Parenting and the Church pt. 1

My wife and I have 5 kids. We have 3 teenagers (17, 15, 13) and a 9 and 3.5 year old. Parenting is an important part of our lives. One of the most important. And, for the past 22 years, I have had the privilege to serve families in local churches and have had a... Continue Reading →


5 Reasons I’m beyond EXCITED about Thrive’s Dad Fest Sunday!

This Sunday is one of Thrive Church's most exciting Sunday's... DAD FEST! We host Dad Fest every year to honor dads, to hopefully attract men and dad's to Church and to remind people how amazing our heavenly Father is and how much he loves us! Some of my favorite Sunday's in Thrive's almost 4 year... Continue Reading →

Are we Crazy!?! Thrive’s 5 year Vision and our Prayer Wall!

Last month, the Pastors of Thrive Church were at the Exponential Church Planting conference in Orlando, FL. It was a GREAT trip. Lots of laughs, dreaming, praying and learning! The theme of the conference was 'Dream Big' and we were challenged to do just that. One morning, I found myself dreaming big in my prayer... Continue Reading →

Today I Get to make one of the BIGGEST announcements I have ever made at Thrive Church and I’m SOOOOOO EXCITED!!

I don't think I'm exaggerating. Today, I get to make a freaking huge announcement! I mean, it will have giant implications for Thrive Church. Especially for our Kids and Teenagers! And, I believe its going to help make a GIANT IMPACT in the Central MI area and beyond. Oh man! I am so thankful and... Continue Reading →

Meet Sam!! Thrive’s Newest Staff Member!! I am sooo EXCITED!

I pinch myself daily because I believe that God assembled an... ABSOLUTELY HUMBLE HARD WORKING FUN CREATIVE JESUS FOLLOWING¬† Thrive Staff Team!! I mean, I think I have a little experience in the matter! I have served at local churches for ¬†22 years! In that time, I have worked and served with some amazing people.... Continue Reading →

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