How to Not Give up Life. An honest conversation…

Tonight I did a Facebook Live Webinar called... How to not give up on life. The topic is a little uncharacteristically deeper for me. I'm kind of known for my humor, but lately, this topic has just been on my heart! So, I hope you will listen. I hope you will add to the comments... Continue Reading →


How to not give up on life. An honest conversation on facebook…tonight.

Have you ever wanted to give up? Have you ever been so tired that you decided that you would stop trying? Have you ever decided that life wasn't worth it? Have you ever decided to just coast on life? Have you ever let your past stop you from moving forward or trying? ME TOO!! I... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Post by my wife about Winona’s Death, Moving Forward and the miracle of Kai’s Adoption.

Today is a bittersweet day for me. A year ago we were plowing through the adoption paperwork and checklists to bring Winona Mae home. We had a crib, stroller and had just bought paint for her room and had planned to paint over the weekend! Things were moving forward and we couldn't wait to hold... Continue Reading →

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