How to Not Give up Life. An honest conversation…

Tonight I did a Facebook Live Webinar called... How to not give up on life. The topic is a little uncharacteristically deeper for me. I'm kind of known for my humor, but lately, this topic has just been on my heart! So, I hope you will listen. I hope you will add to the comments... Continue Reading →


How to not give up on life. An honest conversation on facebook…tonight.

Have you ever wanted to give up? Have you ever been so tired that you decided that you would stop trying? Have you ever decided that life wasn't worth it? Have you ever decided to just coast on life? Have you ever let your past stop you from moving forward or trying? ME TOO!! I... Continue Reading →

Such a GREAT morning at GrumLaw Church! Loved being their guest speaker!

I had an absolutely fantastic morning at GrumLaw Church! I was so blown away by my experience! I'm so proud of GrumLaw and it's Pastor, Shea Prisk! Plus, a couple of amazing Thrivers made these incredible signs for GrumLaw and it was awesome to take them and give them to Shea.  GrumLaw launched on Jan... Continue Reading →

‘How to Pick Your Battles’. Message Notes from Thrive Church MI on Feb. 18, 2018.

Message Notes    |    | Slide # 1...Series Graphic + Jason Social Media Info Doesn’t that video hit home for some? How hilarious! Good Morning Thrive Church!! How are we doing today? My name is Jason Raitz and I’m one of the Pastors here at Thrive! If this is your first time at Thrive, thank you... Continue Reading →

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