‘The Crazy Teenage Year’s’ with Rebekah and Jason Raitz.

This was a highlight for me! I am someone who absolutely loves being a dad. And, I have the honor of being the dad to 5 pretty amazing kids. Rebekah Raitz is an almost high school graduate, who in my opinion, has leadership gifts off the chart. We do our best to have an conversation... Continue Reading →


Oh facebook, I think I’m done loving you

Well, here's the deal... I think (think being the key word)... I'm done loving you facebook.  Now, you know me. We go way back. I was so excited to sign up way back when. You know this is a big deal for me to say because I absolutely LOVE you! It's true, I think you're... Continue Reading →

Excited to Encourage 2nd Graders to Choose Kindness over Bullying today at Beal City School

It's been awhile, about a year and a half, but today I'm encouraging 2nd graders to Choose Kindness over Bullying. Let me back up. Before I planted Thrive Church, I started a non profit called Live Now Leadership and I spoke in schools to encourage students to Choose Kindness over Bullying. But, with the rapid... Continue Reading →

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