Am I a bad Pastor because…

Yes, I guess that title is a little click bait (ish). But, to be honest there are some days that I feel like a bad Pastor.

Now, I’m not talking like the movie Bad Santa where Santa is like really bad.

Honestly, though, some days I feel like a bad Pastor. I know my role and calling and job as a Pastor.

I am a Shepherd, I am a Preacher, I am a Pray-er, I am a Leader, I am a Hope disperser!

But, lately, wow, I feel more and more like a Bad Pastor. As I learn from other Churches and look at how they market and advertise their Churches,

I’m learning that Pastors should be…

Celebrities. Their Picture should be on everything. Every decision should be run through them. They should be in charge of everything. They should say everything in youtube snippets. They should post photo’s of themselves all the time. They should look perfect. Be perfect. Never swear. Never say anything out of place. Be all knowing.

Ok. Yes, I’m being a little snarky. But, come on! I have read dozens of articles about how the day of the celebrity Pastor needs to end. The day of the Pastor leading from a position of fear and power needs to end.

But, then, we keep elevating Celebrity Pastors. And, us Pastors keep elevating ourselves.

So, I wonder, Am I a bad Pastor Because…

I don’t post Celebrity Pastor Photo’s of myself?

My face isn’t on our churches facebook header?

I haven’t taught at Thrive for 4 weeks? I mean, come on, that would get me fired in some churches.

I’m not saying every Sunday…’you have to be here this Sunday, it will be the best ever’? (Ok, I used to say this, it now drives me crazy)

I would rather see kids and teens up front than anyone else at our church?

I would rather be a part of a Church that drops the Christian facade and stops trying to be perfect at church and then lives totally different all week long.

I swear at times. It’s true. I know Christians who care more about NOT swearing than they do sharing Jesus or helping the poor or leading their families.

I’m not all that blown away when Pastors post…17 new decisions today. 23 years of Pastoring have given me a healthy dose of skepticism about how excited Pastors get when they post about new decisions. Are they important? YES! But, I have met so many people over the years who didn’t understand why they were raising their hand or it was the 17th time they made a first time decision.

I’m much more interested in seeing ridiculous life change over time than a crazy emotional one time experience.

So, Am I Bad Pastor?

Ok, I know someone might be thinking, wow, this guy is too skeptical. Maybe I am.

But, I am so crazy passionate about seeing people genuinely be transformed by Jesus. I think I’ve changed because I used to be drawn in by the many decisions or the hype or the emotional experience. And, don’t get me wrong. I love emotions. I cry like a baby! I love to worship Jesus passionately.

I just want to be more of a Shephard than a Leader.

I just wanted to be more of a Pray-er than a youtube sensation. (Ok, that’s not totally true, because I do love to vlog! Hah!)

I just want to point others to Jesus and not myself.

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