Facebook Chronicles Part One…So many questions and I’m done with missing life because of facebook

I have been on a crazy journey with facebook. People who know me or people who are friends with me on facebook know…I love facebook! Like a lot!

But something happened a few months ago. I started loving it less and less. I started doubting its power less and less. I started wondering why I gave it so much time. And, I started asking a lot of serious soul searching questions about facebook’s hold on my life and what it is doing to my soul.

I know, crazy…right? Facebook was never designed to be a buffet line and for people to consume non stop…or was it?

This is all odd coming from the guy who has been a major facebook evangelist! I have written blog posts about what an amazing tool facebook is for the Kingdom of God. I have always looked for the good in facebook and there is a lot! But, I’ve come to realize, that for me at least, the bad very much outweighs the good.

And the reality is, it’s probably not facebook’s fault. It’s mine. Kind of like money. Money isn’t inherently evil but the love of money is extremely evil!

Now, in my research on facebook, YES, there are some sketchy things happening over there. Don’t think for a second that they’re not trying to control us. Filling out feeds. Reading through our posts to advertise to us and the list goes on. I have article after article about how they research and try to create a psychologically altering addictions in its users. I mean think about. The more we’re online, the more advertising we see, the more we’re possibly likely to spend and it comes back to money.


Lately, I have been asking some major questions. Questions like…

  • Should I be posting about the mundane things of life? I mean, I guess it doesn’t harm anything or anyone? And for me, I like it! I’m a story teller and it’s fun to share stories. But, do I really need to share pictures of my walk or studying the Bible or family moments or food or working out. Now, are those wrong? Heck no! And, I have always had very positive intentions in all of my posts. But, the question I have been asking a lot is…Do I miss moments from my life because I’m too busy posting about them? Yes, that’s deep! Am I teaching my kids that you need to post all of those moments and not just live in those moments?
  • Should I be posting so many pictures of my kids? I mean, I l LOVE my kids! I love being a dad! My kids are my life and I am so proud of them! But, that will follow them the rest of their life? And, does all the posting of my kids victories help create an identity crisis in their lives when they realize for the most part, I only post the good stuff? So, is that building a pending crises that could happen in their souls?
  • Should I be posting my inner and outer struggles for all to see? I try to genuinely be pretty transparent online. Shoot, people who work with me know that I’m the same Jason in front of people, in the office, in the grocery store and at home. And, I think my emotional intelligence is in pretty good shape. I rarely posted anything that was too revealing, unlike most people! But, I think facebook has helped numb so many people’s self awareness. Do we really need an online journey that processes the very bad moments of life Maybe? I just am doubting it more and more.
  • Should I be posting pictures of every trip I go on? I can tell you that it’s created tension for my life. I believe my motives have always been pure, but I will get a handful of sort of well meaning passive aggressive comments about how someone wishes they could travel as much or comments like…’don’t you ever work? I’ve justified it in the past because 99% of my trips are speaking trips and I’m asking people for prayer. But, if I’m being really honest. My shadow mission in posting is to inform the world that yes, I am a big deal. Wow, that might be a little too deep and I am probably not as vicious as that. But, again, it’s a thought.

Ok, maybe this is all too honest to share, but I honestly hate what too much time on facebook does to me. Especially as a Pastor. For instance. I decided to take this break on May 1. This came a few months after my Church launched into a building campaign. In case you don’t know, the enemy attacks you like freaking nuts when you take giant steps for the kingdom! And the attacks have been intense.

About 2 weeks after I decided to take a little break I went on Facebook to kind of check in. Yup, first post was of a Pastor friend who has the same age Church that announced they bought a 125,000 square foot building.

Fear I’m Missing Out is Real!

Now, is all this on me? Yes and No. I think we have conditioned ourselves to believe that we need to use facebook as this tell all and I think that is going to bite us in the ass someday. Maybe not soon. And maybe it will affect our kids more than us.

But for now, I’m done with missing life because of facebook.

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