Speaking Webinar. Get Better + Support a trip

I love to help speakers and communicators get better! I just do! I have been speaking professional since 1996 and one of my great joys in life to see other speakers get better and to inspire even more people.

That’s why I’m leading a 60 minute webinar on Friday, May 3rd at 11am (est). So, read the details below and I hope you will join me!

Also…if you register, this will help the Raitz family get to Washington DC next week to represent the Rare Genetic Disease and PKU community as we share our PKU story with members of Congress. Our PKU community is pushing for the Medical Nutrition Equity Act to be passed and this will be a MAJOR help for people with PKU and other genetic disorders.

Thanks for considering!

Are you ready to become a captivating, engaging and more authentic communicator? 

Speak with People, Not at Them is for communicators and speakers who want to be used by God to help spark amazing life change in the people you’re teaching! That’s why we do this!  Isn’t it? The…

Life Change.

Please join me on Friday, May 3rd at 11am (est) to deepen your speaking skills. Ready to register, head HERE. If not, keep reading.

You stand up each week to deliver content that is supposed to be inspiring, creative, and informative. But is it? Hopefully it will shape culture, cast vision, and connect with people in the process. But again, is it? Are you just throwing out information and hoping it sticks? In the midst of all of your prep, research and delivery, are you actually becoming the kind of communicator that is used to spark life change?

LIFE CHANGE really does happen when you SPEAK with PEOPLE and not at them!

When you speak with them, you become a captivating, engaging and authentic communicator. People will want to listen and they will lean in! You become more focused. People will track with every word you deliver. And, you become more authentic and empathetic.

In our 60 minutes together…

You will learn how critical your emotional health is to becoming the communicator you were created to be.

You will learn the joy and importance of creating amazing clarity in your research, your prep, your delivery and your follow up after your talk.

You will learn some amazing tools to be a more compelling story teller and learn how to use laughter to build trust with your audience.

Your audience will know that you really do care for them and want them to experience transformation in their lives. 

I hope you will join me for this 60 minute webinar to dive into how we can become better communicators and see more life change.

The cost is $45. Once you pay online, you will receive an email with all the details.

  • This webinar will be hosted (Live) on Zoom on Friday, May 3rd at 11am (est).
  • You will receive a PDF notes sheet.
  • You will also be invited to the Speak with People Communicators Facebook Group. A group designed to help you grow as a communicator and to rub shoulders with other communicators.
  • This group is also a think tank for speakers and communicators.
  • The session will be recorded and you will have full access to the video and content.

Whether you’ve been communicating for months or years, every communicator has to keep building their craft. Every communicator can deepen their gifts and speaking skills by becoming a more captivating, more engaging and more authentic communicator.

Hope to see you on Friday, May 3rd! Head HERE to register.

Any questions, just email jason@speakwithpeople.com.

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