A HOME for Thrive…Can this happen?

It’s time. It’s time for Thrive to plant roots in our community. It’s time for Thrive to have a home.

Thrive Church MI exists to help people find and follow Jesus. We are FOR Central Michigan and we are FOR our community!

That’s why it’s time. We have been a portable Church for 5.5 years. We have a great meeting location on Sunday mornings. But, it’s not home.

I’ve been amazed at how faithful God has been to our Church over the years and already, I’m just blown away at how God is moving!

Which is awesome! Because there is no way that this very ambitious and faith filled plan will work without God’s hand, God’s favor and God’s miracles!

So, Can this Happen? Absolutely Yes!

This Sunday we start 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting as a Church! To seek God, to pray and to listen.

On Friday, April 5th at 7pm, our Church is gathering in the building for a Vision Night to worship and to pray and to hear the plan for making this building our home.

Then, on Sunday, April 14th we celebrate our Commitment Sunday and give to God!

On Easter Sunday, April 21st, we’re going to announce where we’re at!

We dream that we can be in our home by Christmas!

I have some very exciting conversations coming up with a few Churches who are praying about partnering with us. ONLY GOD!!

I have already had friends email and let me know that they’re going to help. ONLY GOD!!

This week I have conversations with Thrivers who are praying about their commitments. ONLY GOD!

So, Can this happen?


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