What if we cared about our words as much as we do our theology?

This is kind of interesting to me. I mean of course theology wins out, right?

The book of Proverbs speaks into our words and our tongue dozens of times. It’s a LOT of times. I read through Proverbs once a month. It’s a lot. James calls our tongues a fire. Peter said we must keep our tongues from evil. Paul said our conversations must be sprinkled with grace.

But, in my almost 23 years of serving at Churches and 35 years of being in the Church…

I hardly hear Jesus Followers asking if they need to change their words or if their tongue needs correction.

It’s like the forgotten sin.

Doesn’t matter if my tone is biting or sharp. Doesn’t matter if I haven’t thought this through, I have something to say and I’m going to say it.

I’ve heard an awful lot of discussion, arguments and fighting over our individual and corporate theological beliefs. I have had people chew me out over mine and Thrive’s and even post negative things about me because of them.

I heard just about every kind of criticism for my preaching and leadership and for the shortfalls of the Church. And, I have lead the charge with those criticisms.

But, it’s kind of crazy that not many of us get into the heart of if the way we communicate to others is right or honoring to God.

Not once in all these of Pastoring, well, let me think about it. Yeah, I don’t think once has anyone wanted to meet with me over their words or their word selection.

We all have a choice…Bring Life with our words or Bring Destruction.

Lift people up

Or Tear them down

Or Give them a quick stab of negativity.

I am beyond excited about our next series at Thrive…Throwing Shade! I think God has a lot to teach us about our words!

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