Some Random Sunday Night Thoughts…

I’m just amazed by volunteers who invest their time in single-digit weather to help set up our portable church.

I’m equally amazed by people who grumble and complain when their investment level is next to nothing.

One of the most common trends I see among pastors today is a certain level of smug-ness about them. Super judgmental of me to say, and maybe I have that smug-ness about me, but they carry this…’I know it all’ kind of vibe. Again, I may too! Ugh!

Someone said to me today at church, we have to get into the space you showed us a few weeks ago. I’ll do whatever I can to help make that happen. I love that!

I think sometimes we confuse being miss treated and excluded/isolating ourselves.

Maybe we’re going about it all wrong at Thrive! We had a guest speaker this morning! A member of our teaching team. So, I only spoke once this month. I have Pastor friends who tell me I am going about this all wrong. That I need to be up every week. Well, I’m going to keep moving forward and raising up other communicators.

I’m amazed and inspired by generosity. Lately, our family has been on the receiving end of some amazing generosity and I just don’t have words!

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