Some thoughts on Church

I think about the Church a lot. I mean, I have always been a part of a Church. And, I love the Church! I love my Church and I love the Capital Church.

Twice I tried to leave working for Churches.

Twice. 2x. Two.

But, here I am and for 23 years I have served/worked for Churches.

A few thoughts on the Church

Why do we need to keep everything so safe inside of our churches? It’s almost as if, many churches are trying to create a holy bubble. If you come in that bubble, it’s safe in there, but nowhere else.

It’s almost like we pretend (in some churches) that inside our bubbles, people really aren’t struggling. OR, we minimize the struggles. Oh brother, better watch your language. Oh no, your neighbor didn’t wave at you.

I mean, HELLO! People have gigantic and monumental issues and problems they’re going through and why can’t we deal with them in our Churches?

Why do we have to speak a different language inside the Church?

I’ll never forget when I heard a Deacon of a Church I was working at swear at lunch. It shocked me. He looked me and said, at Church I try to clean up my language, but the other 6 days, I have to talk real.

That was awesome. It blew my mind and my paradigm on the christian life. Up until that point, I tried to follow the list of rules very, very good. That day started a to blow a part my paradigm.

I said ‘pissed off’ right in a message and a family wrote me a letter and left the church. Ha. Really, that’s what upsets you? Here’s what upsets me…people so lost that they can’t find their way back to Jesus and occasionally they run across a ‘christian’ who totally shocks them with their judgement and they are gone!

I’m not suggesting we become vulgar and speak horrifically. But, why do many speak like real people for 6 days and then bam…inside a church we speak in our christian voice?

Why aren’t we more compelling as a Church?

Everywhere you look now a days, there is a new article about how church attendance is done. People are leaving the Church. And, Christians are engaged less. It seems everything is more important.

As a Youth Pastor and Pastor, I can tell you that I struggle hard with families who put School and Sport and Activities…seemingly above every Church thing. Now, whether that’s true or not, well, I don’t know. But, maybe if the Church was more compelling. Maybe if we involved students more, parents would feel like likely to get them involved in every school activity.

These are a few of many thoughts I have about the Church. I don’t have great answers…yet.

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