Be careful of being…’busy’

It’s become our favorite word.


I’m busy. Oh, I’m so busy. How have you been? You have no idea, been so busy.

I’m not sure when it became such a good friend of ours, but if you counted up the minutes of our weeks, I’m sure the cold hard facts would back up our claim that we’re busy.

But why? Why have we fallen in love with being busy? Maybe we haven’t. Maybe we just think we are. Maybe we really are and we don’t know how to not be busy.

Here’s a thought.

We make time for what’s really important in our lives.

So, if you find yourself saying…I’m too busy for you, too busy for Church, too busy for my small group, too busy to spend time with my kids, too busy to workout, too busy to read my Bible, too busy to slow down…well, that’s on you.

Take an honest inventory today and discover what really matters. We just finished 2018. What were things you wished you would have given more energy to? Is there something that would have made you proud that you wish you would have accomplished?

Well, do that more in 2019.

One last thought. As a Pastor, when someone starts to disappear from Church and I let them know they’ve been missed, typically the first thing they say is…

I’ve been busy.

I’ve seen it so many times. It’s kind of like a badge of honor and I think people think being busy covers over their slow or fast disappearance from their community.

Don’t let it. Reprioritize today and make sure you make time for what’s important in life.

Fill your soul. Make time for your spouse and kids. Gather with your Church community. Carve out time for solitude.

Or, just keep being busy. It seems to be working for a lot of us.

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