I love speaking. Do I really need Communication Coaching?

Maybe you’re like me, you absolutely love to speak!


For me, its always been that way! No, really! When I was 10 years old, I would set up a stage in the basement and ask my mom to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies and then I would ask my friends to come over. As they enjoyed the cookies, I would speak to them from that stage! Hah!

Ever since, I have had the opportunity to speak from hundreds of stages! Churches, Schools, Christian Schools, Public Schools, Retirement Homes, Conferences, Camps, Retreats…you name it. I love it!

I love speaking at my home Church and I love speaking away from it.

For me, I learned early on that speaking was a PASSION. It was more than just a hobby or something I liked doing.

I actually feel alive on stage and believe that is why God created me. To encourage. To lift up. To lighten. To bring joy. To help others experience life change.

That’s why I speak.

And, that’s why I’ve started my Communication Coaching Program called…

Speak with People, not at them.

And, here’s the deal. I want you to be a part! In my life, any time I have leaned into and really worked on something, it’s gotten better. The times that I have paid for a Coach or for a specialized conference, I have improved.

So, I wanted to take elements from both. Personal Coaching and Conferences and try to combine them to get double the power.

That’s why this coaching program is a Cohort. I will teach for 30 minutes and then we will learn from each other. What I love about this is that everyone, even me, will have to present a 8-10, extremely focused talk and then be evaluated. Whew! This is the kind of learning though that sharpens and shapes you to become a better communicator.

And why is this important?


So, I hope you consider being a part of this 3 month journey!

Questions? Email me at Jason.raitz@jasonraitz.com.

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