Are you looking for a Church Home? A few things I would look for…(part 2)

What would you look for in a church home?

That’s a question I get from time to time. So, Last year, I wrote this BLOG POST.

This is an important question. Your Church home can become your family and your place that brings enormous healing and life change because of Jesus. 15589677_1187044048057574_4583931615196900534_n

So, for me, this is the most important of questions. Part one of this blog post concentrated on some very foundational items, part two deals with more of the culture.

People dressing in regular clothes. I just don’t buy the old adage of wearing your Sunday best to Church. I have known and met (and been one of them) who wore their best and looked the part, but during the week, lived as far away from Jesus as you could. And, for some people who don’t have a Sunday best, they feel judged for not dressing their best.

So, for me, I want a church where people dress like the people they are the other 6 days of the week.

Welcoming, Accepting and Loving. I want to be a part of a Church that expects guests. That prays and works their tails off to get ready for them. A Church that creates environments that are irresistible. A Church that is ready to to meet new people, hear their stories and help them connect to other people.

The Pastors face isn’t on everything.

If a photo of the Pastor and their wife is on everything, that’s a huge red flag to me.

Why? Because maybe the church is just a little to PASTOR CENTRIC? I’d rather be a part of a Church where the Church’s face is on everything!

No weird stuff. This is a tough one to define. But, if the church has a culture and a language thats totally disconnected from reality, you may experience some weird stuff.

Women in Leadership. Personally, I wouldn’t look for a church that doesn’t believe that women should lead and teach. I know this is a hot topic issue for many Christians. But, because this blog post is titled: A few things I would look for, I answered for what I would look for. I believe Churches need women to lead and teach!

Values Kids and Students. If a Church throws their scraps to the kids and students and never invests in them, that’s a huge red flag. If there are no kids running around everywhere, I’m just not going to consider being a part.

A consistent Staff. I don’t want to be a part of a Church where the staff is a rotating carousel. I have worked at some Churches that just burned and churned staff and I wouldn’t want my family to be a part of that kind of Church.

What would you look for in a Church home? 

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