5 more reasons why this Sunday is so special to me…

This Sunday, Thrive Church turns 5 years old! I am just a bit giddy. That’s the under statement of the year. I have been praying for this day since we started! IMG_6632

Honestly, a handful of people told me we wouldn’t get here. I think they were well meaning Christian people. But, it hurt to hear. BUT…here are! 5 years is here!

And, one of the things that I love about our Church is that…

210 People have Gone Public with their Faith through Baptism!!! 

I have already blogged about 5 reasons why this Sunday is so special to me, but I thought I would write 5 more! Here we go…

ONE…Because of the Sacrifice.

I was just listening to this message from Erwin McManus and he said something so profound it took me back. He said…

If you want to know what you love, look and see what you sacrifice for. You can see what a person loves by what they build. ~Erwin McManus

TWO…Because of the Generosity.

I am just amazed and inspired when people GIVE financially. Yes, I am those things as well when they give of their time, but when someone Trusts God with their giving, that is freaking amazing!

And, I get a first hand look of just that at Thrive! Whether people are giving to our Ministry Fund or Donating Cars or Donating Money for the Shoe Project, it’s just awesome!

THREE. Because of the Life Change in me and others.

My life has been changed! For as much as I talk and think about the hurt and the pain that I’ve been through, my heart and soul have been changed in ways that I still don’t even understand! My FAITH and TRUST in God has increased exponentially since starting Thrive and I’m thankful for that!

FOUR. Because of the amazing people of Thrive.

I could fill blog posts about all the amazing people of Thrive! People who show up early and stay late. People who drive 45 minutes to church. People who serve in the morning and then come back to bring their teens to youth group. People who are being the hands and feet of Jesus wherever they go!

FIVE. Because of the potential.

I believe we haven’t even scratched the surface. I believe the best is yet to come.

I believe God has ridiculously amazing plans for Central Michigan I’m honored to be a part!

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