Why this Sunday means so much to me…Thrive’s 5 Year Anniversary!

This Sunday is Thrive’s 5 year anniversary!IMG_6632

ONLY GOD! No, really, ONLY GOD! 

It’s hard to even explain how much this day means to me! I mean, it’s another Sunday in our 361 Sunday’s of our Church, right?


Thrive’s story and our families journey in that story has been nothing but easy. It’s actually been the hardest and most painful 5 years we’ve ever had in ministry. I hear some church planters talk about how their journey has been a nice experience. A little turbulence here and there. I hear that and I want to ask…really!?! Then, I want to challenge them to take bigger risks and put themselves out there more. As I read scripture, anyone who had a giant vision and was on the edge of taking giant faith steps for God, had anything but an easy journey.

Let me be as honest as I possibly can. These past 5 years have been the…

hardest, toughest, craziest, strangest, most intimidating, grueling, cruelest, painful, up and down, hard hitting, most blessed, seeing God move in crazy ways, miracle filled, are you even kidding me, God?, thankful, grateful, amazing, amazed even more 5 years. 

Seriously, we have experienced every kind of pain that comes when you pour your entire Heart and Soul into something and then you stand back and see how people will respond. And, on opposite side, we’ve experienced every kind of JOY that comes with seeing massive life change in people!

So, needless to say, this Sunday is not the same as the previous 361.

It is our most important Sunday EVER. 


Because we will Celebrate God together as a Church. An entire Church. With the state of Church Attendance in America, our attendance fluctuates like crazy. Some weeks, we can have a 100 person drop or gain. It’s mind numbing sometimes. I’ve been ASKING and BEGGING Thrivers to make this Sunday a priority for a year! So, we prayerfully have EVERYONE together!

Because there is so much energy when we all come together. There are 7 Sunday’s at Thrive that we spend tons of extra time planning and preparing for and our anniversaries are one of them. The experience will be awesome.

Because we will pray as a body for our next 5 years. We will seek God, we will ask Him for His wisdom and for His Spirit to guide us in the next 5 years. This will be an amazing moment when we come together to do this as a Church.

Because we will [PRAYERFULLY] announce that we’ve hit our Shoe Project Goal!!! We are providing 433 pair of brand new shoes for every student at Montabella Elementary School and it will be awesome to CELEBRATE that together!

Because we will remember the past and what God has done. We will spend a few moments watching a video of our past and it will be a tear jerker! It will be awesome!

Because we will talk about our future! This is so Incredibly Important! We’re not done as a Church! There are so many areas of our Church that need improvement, need tweaks, need some love and need some funding. We will have a blast looking at what’s ahead and dreaming and praying!

So, there you go! Yes, this Sunday means a ton to me! I am hoping and praying that Thrivers show up in full force. That they bring their friends! That they are ready!

I can’t wait!

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