Why did I travel to Pittsburgh for the start of a new Church??

Today I did something that I’ve never really done before. 

Let me back up. Yesterday, I left my house at 11am and drove to Detroit Metro Airport. Yes, as someone who travels a little bit, it’s a bummer to live 2.5 hours from a major airport. But, we make it work. I flew to Pittsburgh. But, first I went to Baltimore, yeah, I don’t understand, but I eventually made it to Pittsburgh. Got my car and went to my hotel.

I woke up like it was Christmas morning! 

I prayed. I got ready. I went to breakfast. I drove with crazy anticipation.

WHY? Why would I do all this? I mean, I really don’t like to be away from home and I only typically travel when I’m speaking somewhere else. So, why?

Because today, TreeLine Church launched. 

I did all this because I believe in Brian Henry, the Pastor. IMG_6846

I did all this because…

Presence matters. 

My Church, Thrive Church, is on TreeLine’s support team! Our Church never would have made it without the amazing financial support we received from Venture Church, Heritage Church, Kensington Church, Lapeer Community Church and Thrive Church TX. I wish we could give more, but it’s a start and I can’t wait to support them with more.

I did this because no one from our support team was able to be at our launch. We’re 2.5 hours away from all the churches that supported us and it was just a bit far. Honestly, their support was amazing! So, I’m not complaining or whining at all!

But, presence matters. Especially in the relationships that are close to us.

I’ve learned a few things about presence…

1. Presence honors. It really does. When you show up, you communicate a whole heck of a lot! As a Pastor, I feel honored when people show up to Church. I really do. It means a great deal to me. We honored our loved ones and our leaders when we show up.

2. Presence communicates that I believe in you. It really does. Yes, sometimes it communicates something else, but for the most part, when I show up…I’m saying…’hey, I’m here for you.

3. Presence is something people remember. When my dad lived 2 hours away from us, he would get out of work a little early and drive 2 hours north to see his grandson’s play baseball. I remember that!

So, I traveled to be with TreeLine and Brian Henry. I traveled to communicate that our Church is with them. I traveled because I believe in them!

I can’t wait for what’s ahead for this great new Church! 


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