I’m 43 today.

I’m 43 today. A few years ago, my wife (Tracie) started a great family tradition. My brother built us this cool chalk board and Tracie texts family and friends and asks for positive words to describe the birthday person. It’s super fun and super honoring.


I’m 43 today. A few years ago I wrote THIS blog post on my 41st birthday about what I wanted to accomplish by my 50th birthday! I’ve been able to accomplish some of them, but I have like 35 or so left. Here’s one of my favorites:

Number 22…Be a part of buying 10,000 pair of shoes for local elementary kids in Central MI.

After our latest Shoe Project, we’ll be at 2000 shoes! Only 8000 to go in seven years!

I’m 43 today. I woke up next to an amazing woman and I told her I loved her and she she told me she loved me. I then drove over to my parents and told them I loved them and hugged them. What they mean to me is too hard to put into words. But, I love that I have the blessing of telling them that I love and cherish them! I then texted my brother and told him I loved him.

I’m 43 today. I know I’m loved, but it’s taken a long time to believe that. I have spent much of my life fighting a giant battle to love myself. At times, to even like myself. To be way more transparent and authentic than I probably should, at times I have hated myself so fiercely that it’s hard to even comprehend God’s love for me. Even after fiercely teaching others for more than 20 years that they are God’s beloved, it’s still a daily struggle.

But, everyday I read and remember and meditate on God’s truth and let them guide my feelings and thoughts. 

I’m 43 today. I have greatest kids on the planet. I mean, I don’t mean to brag, but they are the best. They are the greatest part of my life. I would stop doing every single thing I love if it meant that they would stay in love with Jesus, be successful in life and make a giant difference in the world.

I’m 43 today. I’m thankful. I’m blessed. I’m grateful for so much and to so many. I love my family. I have some amazing friends. I love my church. I love the people I work with.

I can’t wait for this next year.

Here’s what’s on tap and my BHAG GOALS for this next year…

  • Continue losing weight and getting back to a healthy place of life.
  • Celebrate Thrive’s 5th anniversary!
  • Make date nights a priority with Tracie.
  • Make date nights with my daughters a priority.
  • Spend time with each son.
  • Speak in Kansas City, Alabama, Wisconsin (Now – January)
  • Launch [www.speakwithpeople.com] and officially start a coaching program to help people become better communicators.
  • Launch [dogooduniversity.church] and officially help church planters.
  • Finish writing my first book…Do Good.
  • Host a launch party for the book and give all the proceeds to our Shoe Project fund at Thrive. Hopefully in one night we will be able to bless an entire school with brand new tennis shoes.
  • Figure out how to pay off all of our medical debt by this time next year.
  • Carve out great amounts of time for solitude.
  • Instead of walking at next years ‘Run like a mama’ 5k, Run all 16.2 miles and raise $20,000 to send teenagers to summer camp. 


  • Figure out how to take Tracie away for our 22nd anniversary in May.
  • Figure out how to get Thrive Church a Fully Funded budget.

Maybe too BHAG (igy)? We’ll see!

I’m 43 today and I’m thankful for all the ways God continues to love me, bless me, be with me and send people to remind me how much I’m loved.

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