Why I applied to speak at a TEDx event

On July 1st I did kind of a crazy thing. It’s been a bucket list item of mine for a long time. So, I finally went for it. I applied to speak at a…

TEDx event. tedx detroit

I know, crazy! But, is it? I love TEDx events. I love the messages from Ted talks. I love the opportunity to share ideas and to challenge and to inspire.

To be very honest, I love to speak. Ever since I was 10 years old and I made a stage in my parents basement, I have loved speaking.

And, I really do believe I have an idea that I think could and will change the world!


They’re not really my ideas. I’m not a super original creator. But, I love taking existing ideas and tweaking them and then inspiring people with stories. I LOVE telling stories that motivate and move people. And, that’s hopefully what I will do.

So, I applied. I highly anticipate not being accepted on my first go at applying. But, like almost everything else in my life, I will keep trying.

Why did I apply? 

I really do believe I have some ideas worth sharing that could bring amazing change. That’s about it. I would love the opportunity to encourage and challenge from the platform of a TEDx event.

What’s my idea and topic? 

How to change the scarcity culture in your neighborhood

What does that mean? 

Have you ever noticed that there is no shortage of need in our neighborhoods? Everyone needs help. In the midst of all this need, it seems that many people have become afflicted with the same disease. This dynamic duo is fueling a scarcity culture (when I only care about my needs and not the needs of my neighbor) and causes our neighborhoods to become bankrupt in hope, joy, peace and love.  

The crazy thing is, we seemingly live in a world where we have everything but we also  have nothing. And, because of this disease, we think no one should have anything. What’s this disease you ask? Me-Itis. Me-Itis helps us become consumed to only see the world to how it will exactly help me. What can I get? What will make me happy? How can I get ahead? When we all collectively ask those questions, because of our Me-Itis, scarcity rules our neighborhoods.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You and I can change it! No one wants a hope bankruptcy in their lives or neighborhood. And, believe it or not, there are two extraordinary ways to change this scarcity mindset. TWO WAYS. The powerful truth about is that anyone, ANYONE, can live them out. And when they do, they unleash the antidote for this scarcity culture in our neighborhoods.

Anyone can move from ordinary to extraordinary. Anyone can turn the everyday into the epic. Anyone can discover the lost art of discovering beauty in everyone. And, what you’ll find is that when you start, it will accumulate like a snowball and then the culture of your neighborhood and your heart will change. Me-Itis will disappear. Kindness will replace selfishness. Patience will replace intolerance. Love will replace hate and the scarcity mindset will disappear. So, let’s do that.

That’s my Idea.

Well, actually, Dr. Tom Rundel helped brainstorm with me. But, this is one of my passion areas. Changing our neighborhoods. Removing the scarcity culture and teaching people how to DO GOOD!

I would love the opportunity to share. We’ll see.


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