A Historic Day.

What if we viewed every Sunday as a HISTORIC day? Yeah, you read that correctly, every Sunday. Wouldn’t that be something!?!IMG_4065

I think some Christians do in other parts of the world. Maybe the parts where gathering together as followers of Jesus is frowned upon. Or, maybe in parts of the world where people are actually persecuted for gathering together.

But, for some, the habit of gathering together as a Church has become just something that has slipped down the check list of life because our lives are so busy.

We are busy, right?

Yesterday, someone said to me, ‘I need a picture of this HISTORIC day’! That really stopped me in my tracks. Ok, let me back up.

I love Sunday’s.

I really do. Gathering together. The worship. The new faces. The faithful volunteers. The time of prayer. The preaching of God’s word. The encouragement. The challenges. Communion. Kids running through the hallways. The coffee smell. The popcorn smell, Thrive meets in a movie theater! I could go on and on.

It seems though, and it has been true in my life, I just don’t view Sunday’s as Historic as much as I should. Really, every Sunday is historic. I mean we get to celebrate Jesus. Nothing should be more historic in our lives than that.

Yesterday at Thrive was really awesome. We took over a park in our downtown. We  set up a stage and did outdoor worship. We had cool cars and inflatables and a bacon tent and games for kids and a softball game and prizes for dads. It was awesome.

Plus, we prayed over our new youth pastor and surprised him with his dad as the one who prayed over him. We also honored a Thriver as our Dad of the year and it was an awesome moment.


Sunday’s used to stress me out to no end. I know that’s shocking. And, people from my Church would be shocked…probably. I seem pretty lit up on Sunday’s. Talking to people. Singing. Introducing myself to new people. Lots of energy.

For a season though, there were some folks who called Thrive home who reminded me of my inadequacies. EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY. Nothing was ever good enough. Which is kind of funny, because as a 2 year old, we quickly grew to more than 500 people and yet, people were still complaining. Now, not the majority, but as we all know, sometimes the view that are being negative, drowns out the many that are being positive.

So, Sunday’s became very stressful to me. I also fell into a bad habit of constantly being disappointed. Yup, even on some of our highest attended days, I would go home and immediately make a list of every one who missed. I was bummed that they missed a HISTORIC Sunday. And then, I missed the significance of how powerful Sunday’s can be.

I had unrealistic expectations.

In 2018, it’s just a different world. My grandmother wouldn’t miss church if she had the bubonic plague. That’s just not the norm any longer. Why is that? Well, the ‘church’ has seemingly hurt a lot of folks (I’m not blind to that, I could write a book on how I’ve been hurt and have wanted to give up on the Church). Families are busy. I mean, if you could invest in travel sports, you would be loaded. Here’s my opinion…sports are king. And then, people have to work. It’s kind of rare for someone to ask their employer for Sunday’s off. And, then, many people have sick family members who require help and Sunday’s are the day for that. Then, there is the beauty of golfing and cleaning your house and family parties and on and on it goes.

I had to reset my expectations. 

And, on top of that, I don’t think people have to be in Church every Sunday of the year. I think families should rest on Sunday’s from time to time and travel and some Sunday’s, just stay home and be. I know, kind of a crazy thought coming from a Pastor.

But, I want Sunday’s to be HISTORIC in my life. I don’t want to loose how important they are for a follower of Jesus. I want to look forward to the worship and the prayer and the message and the kids and the students and communion and the life change.

Are you Sunday’s Historic in your life? 



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