Such a GREAT morning at GrumLaw Church! Loved being their guest speaker!

I had an absolutely fantastic morning at GrumLaw Church! I was so blown away by my experience! I’m so proud of GrumLaw and it’s Pastor, Shea Prisk! Plus, a couple of amazing Thrivers made these incredible signs for GrumLaw and it was awesome to take them and give them to Shea. IMG_3771

GrumLaw launched on Jan 14th of this year and is doing an incredible job of reaching people in Grand Blanc, MI! GrumLaw is a great Church! Their staff is so incredibly passionate and the church is so welcoming and accepting.

I blown away by the passion this morning! The smiles, the handshakes, the passionate worship and their mission…wow!! Even in little things…like how they give local schools $5 for every new connect card that’s filled out…


This church is so unbelievably generous, it’s inspiring!

I still pinch myself that Thrive has the privilege to be a part of an amazing group of Churches (Kensington Church, Venture, 2|42, Mile City Church, Thrive Church, The Greenroom, Cross Church, Lakes Community Church, and Lakepointe Church) that helped launched GrumLaw Church. And, for whatever reason, I get to serve on the management team for this amazing place!

Tracie, Kai and I had so much fun! It was so great to be at a 6 month old Church plant. It brought back a ton of memories of when Thrive was 6 months old. Everything was so bright and shiny. It was awesome! And, it was so incredibly welcoming and accepting!

And, it was honor to speak for Shea! I had a blast finishing up their ‘Follow’ series and challenging people to decide to FOLLOW JESUS! IMG_3766


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