16.2 Miles to raise $10,000 for Summer Camp! ONLY GOD! Apply for a Partial Scholarship Today

16.2 Miles!IMG_5157

Before I talk about all that, here is the Scholarship Application from my ‘Walk for Camp’…


This application is for any teenager to fill out. Yes, mom and dads, let your kids fill it out. Whether they attend Thrive or not. The scholarship just has to be used to attend a summer camp!


We did it! It was one of the purely ONLY GOD moments of my short young life! Our team left my house at 4am and we arrived at the One Youth 5k around 8:20am. Then, at 9am, we completed the 5k.

Why did we do that? Because summer camp has the potential to be LIFE CHANGING and I know way too many teenagers who can’t be a part of financial reasons! That’s just unacceptable to me!

So, I humbly asked people to sponsor miles. Down deep I worried people thought I was crazy. I know some did! But, 45 amazing people from all over the country graciously and sacrificially donated funds and together we raised…

$10, 205.84!!!!

I know some of you are thinking…is it really that big of a deal? I mean, it’s just a long walk. It’s just 40,000 or so steps. I get that.

Here’s the miracle part . For the past 4 years, every single day I’ve had excruciating back pain. I had back surgery. I’ve laid on ice more days than I could possibly count. My wife has put on my socks more than I count.

So, YES, for me, this is an ONLY GOD kind of deal!

And, I wanted to give up! I did. I admit it. The 3-4 weeks have been intense. Probably the most spiritually attacked I’ve ever been. The lies inside my head got so loud I couldn’t help but believe them. Lies like…

  • My friends and family are so tired of Jason’s crazy ideas
  • My Church is tired of Jason doing stupid stuff like this
  • I can never get a handle on food
  • I will never be able to finish the walk
  • I should just give up
  • No one is going to give to this

They go on and on. LITERALLY, there are hundreds of them. I would go to bed and it was like there were screaming in my ear. I would wake up and they would be there.

I wanted to give up so bad. I wanted to graciously bow out and just beg people to give me a pass. I really did. But, I have an amazing group of friends and family who just kept encouraging me. Every single time miles were sponsored, I would cry!

The last week, we were still pretty short. I started calling and emailing and personally asking people. Former students donated. People from 5 different churches donated.

It’s pretty amazing what Generosity can do! 

Because of this Generosity, students will have a chance to experience an amazing week of summer camp. Either at Big Stuf Camps in Panama City Beach, FL with Thrive Church or the camp of their choice.

They have to fill out an application and think it through. But, a team of great people will read through them, pray and then let them know how much was awarded to them!

Thank you so much for praying for me, for helping me, for supporting me!!!

Thank you for helping get teens to camp!

Here was the original video promoting the idea for the walk!

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