Sponsor miles for my ‘Walk for Camp’

On May 12th, 2018, I am walking 16.2 miles to raise money to help send teens to summer camp!

Why 16.2 miles. Well, our student ministry (One Youth) is hosting a 5k fundraising event that day and it’s 13 miles from my front door to the event. Add the events miles and bam…16.2 miles!

So, I’m hoping to get 625 miles sponsored at $16.02 a mile and that will raise $10,000! Teens will apply for a partial scholarship and a team will look over their applications and award scholarships to them!

It’s really EXCITING! 

If you want to be a part, you can donate the amount you would like HERE. Just select Youth Scholarship Fund and donate the amount you would like.

Here is more information behind the why and how:

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