4 Super Important Ways to make Sundays GREAT at your Church

Here’s the thing, Sunday is just one day! And for the CHURCH, again, Sunday is just one day. I believe whole heartedly that we should care about the other 6 days as much as Sunday! I mean, the Church was started to be a movement, so let’s MOVE! 

But, we’re also encouraged in scripture to not give up gathering together and the Sunday gathering is an important part of our walk with Jesus.

So, if you have a found a Church home and it has become family to you, stop concerning yourself with attending and be just a part.

Really Be A Part!


  • If you have a Church home.
  • If you’re committed to your Church.
  • If your church is your family.
  • If you believe in the Vision and Mission.

This is for you.

4 Easy & Important Ways to make Sunday GREAT!

ONE..Show Up! Yeah, I told you these would be easy. We live in a day and age where it seems like everything else is more important that just showing up to be together. And, sometimes we need a rest, or vacation, or to be with family or the list goes on. But, for many people, it’s time to make a commitment and stick with it. 

So, yeah, just show up!

TWO…Pray. Yes, pray for your Church. Pray for your Pastor. Pray for your staff. Pray for your Elders. Pray that God would send new people. Pray that people would fall madly in love with Jesus. Pray that lives are changed. Pray that your Church becomes a MOVEMENT! 

So, yeah, really pray!

THREE…Attend One, Serve One. Something amazing happens in your faith when you use your gifts to serve others. In your home, at your Church, in your neighborhood and at your work. Stop settling for just sitting in a row. There is so much more available to you!

So, yeah, serve it up!

FOUR…Contribute all you can. Keep an eye out for new people. Learn names. Connect people together. Sit up front. Sit the the middle of rows and leave the best seats for guests. Worship Loud. Give sacrificially. Look for ways to make your church better.

So, yeah, contribute.

Again, these are easy, but they’re equally important. If enough people at your church start living these out, just imagine! The entire culture would be so amazing!

And, your Church would be a MOVEMENT 


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