Thrive Sermon Notes. Week Two of #ForCentralMichigan. ‘Be Practical’

Last Sunday at Thrive Church, we kicked off a new series called #ForCentralMichigan. It was awesome and it was a GREAT Sunday! We kicked off this series by laying out that we believe Thrive is called to be a Church FOR the Community, not just in the community.  Today, our plans changed a little at... Continue Reading →


My Seminar Notes from Exponential: Engaging Your Community (Pt. 1)

Engaging Your Community Good afternoon! So excited you’ve joined this conversation and that’s what I hope this will be. So, pipe up at any moment, throw in ideas. I hope that this is a think tank for you and I hope you will walk out of here with tons of ideas! I’ve been serving as... Continue Reading →

Sermon Notes. #ForCentralMichigan. Week One. We have to be a Church FOR the community, not just in the community.

Message Notes    |    | Slide # 1...Series Graphic Good morning Thrive church!! How are we doing today? Today we start a new series where it’s basically one of those...less talking, more doing kind of series.   For a long time, it seems, the CHURCH as a whole has been known for what we’re against and... Continue Reading →

LOOK AGAIN. Easter at Thrive Sermon Notes

Message Notes |    | Slide # 1...Series Graphic Good morning Thrive Church! How are we doing this morning? It’s EASTER SUNDAY!!!!! It’s the most momentous weekend in the history of the world! Bigger than any awards show, super bowl weekend, the world series, anything! Today we celebrate Jesus! My name is Jason Raitz and I’m... Continue Reading →

Sermon Notes: How to Wreck Your Life. Week Five. Live like an Original Masterpiece!

Message Notes    |     | Slide # 1...Series Graphic Good Morning Thrive Church! How are we doing on this beautiful Sunday? If this is your first time with us at Thrive, thank you so much for being here this Sunday! Our 2nd Sunday at CMU!! Please make sure you either grab a VIP card from your... Continue Reading →

Today I Get to make one of the BIGGEST announcements I have ever made at Thrive Church and I’m SOOOOOO EXCITED!!

I don't think I'm exaggerating. Today, I get to make a freaking huge announcement! I mean, it will have giant implications for Thrive Church. Especially for our Kids and Teenagers! And, I believe its going to help make a GIANT IMPACT in the Central MI area and beyond. Oh man! I am so thankful and... Continue Reading →

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