How many SEATS have been sponsored? This is just freaking nuts!

956! 17240093_1268313153263996_5826771072144264197_o

956 seats have been sponsored! That means that there is the possibility for those people who sit in those seats to FIND and FOLLOW JESUS!! How awesome is that?


I can’t even believe it…to be honest! The goal of having 1200 seats sponsored at $40 a seat was a HUGE goal! We prayed, we threw it out there and then waited!

Yes, a few people questioned it. Yes, some have told me they have doubted if we’ll even come close. But, here we are! Just…

244 Seats to Go! 



If you haven’t sponsored a seat yet, will you? EVERY SEAT MATTERS! EVERY AMOUNT MATTERS! Please don’t believe the lie that just because you’re only sponsoring 5 seats it doesn’t matter!

If Thrive Church is your HOME! If you believe in our vision and mission. If you serve. If you’re in a small group. Then, don’t miss out.

Help us pave the way for our future! 

You can give HERE or you can text to give. Just text 84321, the amount and CMU. You will get a text right back, press on the link, fill out the info and BAM! You’re done!

And, come join us on Sunday, April 2nd as we start our new chapter on the campus of CMU!


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