A New Chapter for Thrive Church + #SaveaSeat Campaign = The Best is Yet to Come

  Thrive Church is 175 weeks old! It's been an amazing 3.5 years! Lives have been changed! Marriages have been encouraged and healed! People have found community! And...people have found Jesus and follow Him!! Through it all...God has been so faithful!  As I look back on 2016, I just scratch my head when I think... Continue Reading →


Thrive Church…Tomorrow is going to be Powerful. Plus (+) We have an Interim Director for One Youth! Woo Hoo!

Happy Saturday Thrive Church!    I hope you're doing well and enjoying this weather!!   You have to know 3 things...   1. We're talking about how to Recalibrate Your Life tomorrow. Maybe you've been out of whack. Feeling like something is missing. Feeling like you're 'off' with God? We're diving into this passage... 2.... Continue Reading →

Meet Sam!! Thrive’s Newest Staff Member!! I am sooo EXCITED!

I pinch myself daily because I believe that God assembled an... ABSOLUTELY HUMBLE HARD WORKING FUN CREATIVE JESUS FOLLOWING  Thrive Staff Team!! I mean, I think I have a little experience in the matter! I have served at local churches for  22 years! In that time, I have worked and served with some amazing people.... Continue Reading →

The REAL reason Thrive Church is moving to Central Michigan University…it may surprise you.

So, Thrive Church is moving! We just announced that! It's a very exciting time in the history of our Church!! We're a portable church. That means, our dedicated volunteers roll up to a rented movie theater on Sunday mornings, unload and set up. Then, we tear down and the trailers roll away. In a perfect world,... Continue Reading →

HUGE EXCITING NEWS and a QUESTION! Thrive Church is Moving to Central Michigan University’s Campus!! Would you HELP US?

You read that right, Thrive Church is moving!! YES, YES and more YES! We have been praying about this for over a year! Seeking God! We have been searching and searching for a new home. Central Michigan University said YES!!  Currently we rent a movie theater (Celebration Cinema) and its been awesome! But, with our... Continue Reading →

Hey Thrive…10 Ways to make this Sunday Off the Charts AHMAZING!

Hey Thrive Church!!   OH MY GOODNESS...SUNDAY IS ALMOST HERE!!!! 10 Ways you can make Sunday off the charts AMAZING 1. PLEASE don't miss this Sunday!! You know, there are 4-6 Sunday's a year where we plan for longer, invest greater and pray bigger. This is one of those Sundays!! So many amazing things going... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Post by my wife about Winona’s Death, Moving Forward and the miracle of Kai’s Adoption.

Today is a bittersweet day for me. A year ago we were plowing through the adoption paperwork and checklists to bring Winona Mae home. We had a crib, stroller and had just bought paint for her room and had planned to paint over the weekend! Things were moving forward and we couldn't wait to hold... Continue Reading →

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