Happy 3rd Birthday Kai David Raitz!!!!

Today is Kai’s 3rd Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Kai David Raitz!!!!!

If the adoption process was lightening fast, we could have had him almost another year, but it’s not that fast. 

But, we will not take for granted that Kai is now a Raitz and its so much fun to celebrate his birthday today!

I can’t wait for his siblings to meet him. I can’t wait for his grand parents to meet him. I can’t wait for our small group and our church to meet him. 

Today is our last day in China! I wish we were leaving, but that’s on tap for tomorrow! So, today, we will celebrate Kai! 

Here are a few things you can be praying for Kai:

1. Pray for our travel home. We will be traveling about 30 hours. YIKES! Pray for God’s favor on that travel. 

2. Pray for Kai to keep bonding with us. 

3. Pray for God to give him favor with his siblings. 

4. Pray for a great transition into life in the Raitz house. 

5. Pray that God would use this boy to wreck the world for His Kingdom. 

6. Pray that Kai would come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Yesterday, I had a lot of fun taking pictures of Kai. Here they are!!

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  1. Hi Jason … it’s MIKE and Sasha 🙂
    I would love to get your wife’s email address.
    Where are you are so thankful we got to meet you guys in China!

    1. Hey!!!! I’m so glad you left a message! We were trying to figure out how to message you guys! Tracie’s email is tracieraitz@gmail and mine is jason.raitz@jasonraitz.com. I think we’re heading your way the first week of April for a college visit for our oldest! Let us know if you want us to say hi! It was so awesome meeting you guys in china!!

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