Kai and his mama

I have been up since 3am. My friends on WeChat can attest to that. 

My mind has been racing. I was praying. Then the time came. 

It was time to officially get up. Get ready. Pray. Meet our guide. 

We got to the lobby and waited. Then our guide came. He drove us to the civil affairs office. 

We waited. We filled out some forms. We waited. 

Then the time came. Before I knew it Hong Kai was through the doors. Walking and checking everything out. 

I stood back a little and I watched he and Tracie meet. 

It was one of the greatest experiences of my life

He didn’t cry. He went into her arms. I wonder if that’s because hundreds of people were praying for that moment? 

We played for awhile in the office. We met with nanny and talked about his diet. Tracie is somewhat of a PKU expert, so that’s good. 

We took a family photo and then we left. That was it. We head back tomorrow for the official ceremony. 

The moment I lost it was when…

Kai called Tracie mama. Yup, losing it all over. 

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  1. A beautiful moment with lots more to come. So excited to meet him 💕 God does such amazing things I can’t wait to see what else he will bring for Kai and your family!!

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