The Night Before we leave for China

Tonight was absolutely AMAZING! I asked my Church to pray for my family and they did!

So humbling!

Our adoption journey has been amazing! It’s been stressful! It’s been incredible!  It’s been anxiety filled! It’s been up and its been down! It’s been miracle after miracle! It’s been amazing to see God work and move!

I’ve had sleepless nights. I’ve had nights where I walked around our house late at night just begging God to move so we could provide a home for Winona or Kai. I’ve had nights where I just thank God over and over!

It seems like forever ago that I wrote this post about adopting Winona Mae! Oh wait, it was forever ago!

It seems like yesterday that I wrote this post for my friends and family to meet Kai!!

And now, here we are, Tracie and I leave for China tomorrow at 330pm.

I would be honored if you would pray for us.

Pray for Kai. Pray for Tracie. Pray for our kids back home.

We have just a little bit more to raise to cover our airfare home and I would be honored if you would pray for that.

Please pray on Monday. That’s when we meet Kai for the first time. Pray that we have God’s favor with Kai. Pray that he has an immediate connection to us.

We are so thankful! We are so blessed! Thank you!


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  1. Praying for your flight, your family and your new son Kia, can’t wait to meet him love you guys and what a wonderful birthday Tracie and Kai will have, a new son and a new mom god bless you always 💖⛪✝

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