A little of Kai’s story…And how we’re going to get him as soon as we get our Travel Dates

This is as much as we know about Kai’s story. What I do know is this…his story is about to inter twine with our stories and I can’t wait for our new story. img_1729

Kai was abandoned

At 6pm on June 19, 2014, the Police received a call by a citizen who said there was an unattended male infant at the Railway Station. The police rushed to the site quickly after getting the call. The policemen did a lot of search but failed to find his birth parents or other relatives.

He was confirmed as an abandoned baby, and was sent to the Child and Welfare Institute that day. He wore a white shivering unlined clothes and was wrapped with a pink quilt.

As the Doctor was examining him, he determined that the baby boy was about 5 months old and officially recorded his birthday as January 19, 2014. He was 4.4 kg or 9.7 pounds when he was abandoned, had heart murmurs, couldn’t hold his head up or couldn’t roll over. They ran a series of tests and a week later they found out he had phenylketonuria or PKU for short. Thankfully, his caretakers started him on a low protein diet with a medical formula. We don’t know if his birth parents knew about his PKU and most likely he was off diet for those 5 months.

He loved to be held by his caretakers and he could follow them with his eyes. He especially loved when they would tease him or give him baths.

What’s he like now?

Recently, his adoption agency answered a few questions for us about Kai. He still uses a bottle and he loves his caretaker. He currently weighs 29 pounds and is not potty trained.

We’re told Kai is sensitive and relatively timid. In front of familiar people, he’s more lively. He does have a few simple words, but that’s it. And, we know he loves to play outside.

When do we get to bring him home?

We still don’t know. Ugh! Everything is done. Every form has been completed and approved. Oh, except our Visa’s, which we should have by the end of the week.

So, we are just waiting for China to give us our Travel Window. Once they do, we do not have long to book our flights and plan our ‘Gotcha’ Day.

We do that we will leave Detroit on a Friday morning and we will arrive in Shanghai on Saturday evening. We will then take a train to Nanjing. We will spend 3-5 days there and then we will fly to Guangzhou where the US Consulate is located. We will spend another 4-5 days there where we will patiently wait for every thing to be completed. Then, we will drive down to Hong Kong and fly home!

Whew! We can’t wait to meet him and to bring him home!

Thanks for praying!

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Thanks for praying!

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