Dear Kai

December 20, 2016

Dear Kai,

Let me start by saying, I can’t wait to meet you! I have been dreaming of that moment for almost a year. I have been dreaming of walking into the room and seeing you for the first time. I wonder…will you like us? Will you think we’re strange? Will you want us? Regardless, I can’t wait!

I can’t wait to have you home. I know that your current home will be much different than your future home and I can’t wait for you experience your new home.

Let me tell you about your new home. It’s kind of crazy! There are a lot of us. But, in my humble opinion, we have the greatest family ever! And, I love our home! Actually, its our dream home. It took us a long time to buy this home and we wouldn’t have been able to without some very big miracles.

Speaking of miracles, get ready to experience some! I think our family experiences miracles all the time! Well, take you, for example. You’re our miracle! It’s just awesome that God lead us to you and that soon you will have a home and a family.

About that family, did I say get ready? Well, you’ll meet mom and I soon. Then, once we get home, you’ll meet your oldest sister, Rebekah. She’s almost 17 and she honestly is one of the greatest people on the planet. I love this young woman with every once of my life. She is funny, she is amazing, she is great with just about everybody, she’s crazy smart and she’s beautiful!

Then you will meet Bobby, your oldest brother. He’s 14 and you are going to love him. What’s not to love! Bobby’s laugh and smile are infectious. He’s so caring, he’s fun to be around, he really funny, super smart and he loves video games.

Then there’s Zach. Zach has PKU just like you and I think Zach is going to be a big help to help you figure out your PKU. Zach is the life of the party. He’s really focused and typically focused on slurpees! But, he’s a lot of fun! He’s so great with little kids! Little boys think he’s awesome! Oh, both Bob, Zach and I love super heroes, so get ready! Zach also loves sports and I know he’ll want to teach you how to play baseball, football and basketball.

And, did you know you’ll have another sister? Her name is Madie and she is the love of my life. And, she has PKU just like you as well! So, you will have a big brother and a big sister to help you! Madie loves barbies and she may try to get you to play them. She loves to sing and she has an amazing voice. I’ve never told her this, but I pray everyday that God uses her voice to lead people in worship!

Oh yeah, then here’s Brownie! Brownie is our 13 year choc. lab. She’s old, but she’s a great dog. I think you guys are going to get along super well!

Did you know that you’re going to have your own bedroom? I’m not entirely sure what your sleeping arrangements are like right now, but I think from the pictures I’ve seen, you’re in a room with a bunch of other kids. So, pretty soon you will have your own room. I hope you will like it! We had a bunch of friends help us paint it and we’re about to set up your crib.

I know your life is about to change. I know its probably going to take some adjusting. But, I think you’re going to really like your new family.

Especially your mom. There is not another person on the planet with as pure of a heart as your mom. She is just wonderful. And, she loves you. She has loved you since she first saw your picture. She has prayed for you everyday since then and she can’t wait to hug you and love you.

So, get ready. Any day now we should be getting our travel dates. We can’t wait to meet you. We can’t wait to see your home. We can’t to see your country. We can’t wait to bring you back to your new home. Wait till I tell you about your grandparents!

Until then, I love you.


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