Happy Friday!!
I have some HUGE adoption news to SHARE.邹宏凯+(1)
Ok, as you know, God has been working miracles in our adoption process.


Miracle # 1…We raised everything we needed to finish paying the Adoption agency (Children’s House International) and Dossier fees to China! Miracle!
Miracle # 2…Our Dossier was submitted to China and was officially locked into their system. Miracle!
Miracle # 3…We were told that it would take about 4-6 weeks for our Dossier to be translated and it only took 2 days!!!! MIRACLE!!
Miracle # 4…We were then told that the next step…Going from LOCKED IN DATE to LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation) would take some time as well. We got word today that we have


What that means is…We were already Pre-Approved, but they have to wait for the final paperwork to get to China and then to be translated and then to go under review and then to matched. That all typically takes months!
God’s done it in under a week! ONLY GOD!!
Here’s what’s next…We receive our official LOA (Letter of Acceptance) in the mail, we sign it and get it back to our adoption agency ASAP. We have also just sent our paperwork for the US Consulate’s approval for our adoption and visit. Once all that is in…we wait for our TA (Travel Approval) and dates!
I have been thinking we would realistically head to China sometime between late January and March! We may still! But, at this point, things are moving FAST!
Now, we are going to ramp up our efforts again to raise the last bit of funds needed for our trip! Airfare, Hotel, Ground Transportation, Food, Kai’s Visa, and Translator.
Our puzzle fundraiser has been going really well and tomorrow we’ll start posting about it regularly again! We have had 140 pieces sponsored out of 252!
ANOTHER POSSIBLE MIRACLE # 5…I’ve spoke with two different people who have asked if they could use airline miles towards our trip. Once we get more of an idea about travel dates, we will be able to explore that.
Tracie has had other adoptive moms calling her from around the country because they’re amazed at our fast these steps have gone for us. Their recommendation has been…
We are going to start figuring out Toddler stuff again! We have a crib and a stroller. That’s it.
So, please be praying! Keep praying for Kai! Pray for God’s favor on his life. Pray that he has favor with us! Pray for Kai when he finally leaves the orphanage. Pray for us as raise funds to travel. Pray for safety and protection.

So many people miss out on the real POWER of being CONNECTED to a Local Church. Don’t miss out today!

Some people ‘go’ to Church because they have an internal voice telling them that its the right thing to do.

Some people ‘go’ to Church because they want to be seen by other people.

Some people ‘go’ to Church because they have heard good things and don’t want to miss out.

Some people ‘go’ to Church because they’re starving for community and connection.

Some people ‘go’ to Church because its one more thing on their moral check list.

First of all…

Stop GOING to Church. 

Second of all…

Be the Church! 

That’s where the real power is!

Here’s what I believe passionately, you will miss out on the real POWER of Church if you’re not connected and if you’re not connected for the right reasons!

All those reasons TO GO to Church miss out on the power that is available to you. If Church is just a country club to you, a moral compass, another box on your to do list or another thing for you to feel good about yourself, you’re missing out.

But, when you get CONNECTED at a local Church that is working right and use your spiritual gifts to serve that body and to serve the community they live in…


Some Ways to Get Fully Connected:

ONE…Actually make it a priority to be there! Again, so simple but so hard in this day and age of crazy business. If you really want to experience the power of connection, be there. Make it a commitment to be with your Church every week!

TWO…Actually make it a priority to serve! Again, sounds simple. But, what if we approached serving our Church as a number one priority in our life? Be there. Show up early. Serve with your whole heart.

THREE…Actually make it a priority to get to know people. Again, so simple to say, but so many people shy away from this. They know if they actually do this, they will start making connections and then it gets harder to be nominally involved.

FOUR…Actually make it a priority to be known. Again, sounds so simple, but so many people give up on church right before they really get connected. What are you so afraid of? God created us to live in community with each other. Jump in and feel the power of being connected.

Today is your day! Make the decision to let nothing stop you from being connected. I really believe when you do, you will start to feel the power of being connected and then your life will change for the better!