10 Ways to Really SHOW UP at Thrive Church

The thing I wonder the most sometimes about Church is…

Why do people settle for such a tiny piece of the pie? 

Think about it for a second. We’re all busy. We’re all tired. We all have a million things to do. We all, sometimes, make other things more important than involvement with our local Church.

But, shouldn’t the Church take priority? I mean, the Church is the Bride of Christ. I mean, Jesus loved us so much, He gave His life and then gave us the Church.

If the Church was that important to Jesus, shouldn’t it at least rise a few notches of importance on our priority scale? 31171040_m

So, why not make it a priority to Show Up at your Church. Show Up and be a part.

It’s up to you, you can SHOW UP or you can not. If you do plan on SHOWing UP, here are 10 ways to really SHOW UP at Thrive Church.

10 Ways to really SHOW UP. 

1. Show Up consistently. We show up so we can get filled up to go out and help people find and follow Jesus.

2. Show Up with a smile. Life is hard. We are the Church for the broken and neglected. But, as much as you can, show up with a smile. If you can’t, don’t worry about it!

3. Show Up with someone. Yes, bring whoever you know. Each week you should be praying about bringing someone.

4. Show Up with your kids. Oh my sweet goodness, bring your kids! They will love Thrive Kidz and One Youth!

5. Show Up early. Yup, come on! Our teams work really hard for you to experience God. Don’t miss any of it.

6. Show Up and serve. One of the best ways to get involved. If you really want to SHOW UP, come at 7am and help set up!

7. Show Up and give. Yes, we’re a church that asks you to give a portion of your finances to God through the Church. You’re blessed when you give and others are too!

8. Show Up online. We live in an online world. Like, comment, encourage, share as much as you can!

9. Show Up with encouragement. People are hurting. Bring the encouragement!

10. Show Up with support. Yeah, support your Church. Support your Pastors.


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