Why I UnFollow or UnFriend People on Facebook.

Ok, I just re-read the title and I cringed. Why? Because to my core, I'm a people person! I love people! I love their stories! I love getting to know people! I love seeing God work in their lives! I love seeing Jesus' love envelope them! I love people.  I don't ever want to Unfollow... Continue Reading →


Why is Church and God the first to go when life gets tough?

I have heard similar stories a hundred or more times, probably more. 'Yeah, life has been hard, so I just don't have time for Church' 'My life is falling a part and I blame God' 'Church just doesn't fit with my crazy life right now' 'I'm upset at a decision the Pastor made and so... Continue Reading →

Today is my 3 year anniversary with Thrive Church! 3 Lessons I’ve learned about planting and leading a Church…

Woo Hoo!! Today, (or maybe it was yesterday?), is my 3 year work anniversary with Thrive Church! Super Duper! Neato! Gosh, those THREE years went by quick and I can't wait for the next three!  A church planter I'm coaching asked me the other day how long it was from when we first started meeting... Continue Reading →

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