Why are we so proud of being busy all the time? I wonder if God is…

It seems like sometimes we are super proud of being busy. Doesn't it? 'Oh my goodness, its so great to see you, its been so long'...'yeah, I've been so busy' 'How's life? '...'busy'.  'Gosh, we've missed you on Sunday's'...'Yeah, we're just so busy' 'How are you doing?'...'Busy' 'Can you be a part?'...Gosh, I really want... Continue Reading →


Parents…4 Ways to have an incredible school year with your family

Another school year is starting! It's just crazy how fast the summer flies by! But, here we are and instead of just letting the school year start, I thought about putting together a plan for my family. You see, I want this to be our best school year yet for our 11th, 9th, 7th and... Continue Reading →

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