10 Years at Camp Timber Lee!! What an amazing blessing and honor!

In the summer of 2006, I spoke at my first summer camp at Camp Timber Lee in East Troy, WI.  Our kids were 6, 4 and 2 and my wife carted them all over camp that summer! It was a blast and I never thought in a million years, I would blink and I would... Continue Reading →


I absolutely LOVE when Katie teaches at Thrive! Like she does today!!

Today, one of my favorite people on planet earth is teaching at Thrive... Katie Eisenberger! She is just amazing! Her energy, her spirit, her life story and her passion for Jesus is just contagious. Katie has been around Thrive before Thrive even was Thrive! One day, out of the blue, I got a phone call... Continue Reading →

Today’s message at Thrive is the kind I wish I wasn’t giving on July 4th weekend!

Today is July 3rd! Happy 'Merica! (almost) That means though that a ton of regular Thrivers will be not at Thrive this morning! Now, don't get me wrong, so many are camping and traveling and relaxing and enjoying their families! I think that's Friggin Awesome! I even told our worship pastor, Matt Moore, to stay... Continue Reading →

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