She was doing what?

Many months ago I met an amazing young leader. She started checking out Thrive and then before I knew it, she had asked for a meeting. So, we met.

From the get go, I was blown away. 

Her vision and her dreams were inspiring. Last summer, she started a ministry for girls called ‘That Girl on Fire’ and she poured into and invested in students! This summer, she has two groups going in two different communities!

She asked if she could do an internship with Thrive and it was an easy YES!

Well, Reyna started a month or so ago with Thrive and has made a HUGE impact! She’s eager to learn and eager to grow and its inspiring! She has a passion for telling students about Jesus and she wants to grow as a communicator!

Oh, before I forget. I was talking to a Thriver the other day and they told me they were leaving a store and they ran into Reyna as she was passing out invites for our annual ‘Dad Fest’ event. Are you kidding me? That’s just awesome!

Thrive is blessed to have her on the team for the summer!

My hope is that we’ll do everything we possibly can at Thrive to empower her to lead and to teach! At Thrive, we’re passionate about doing just that! We are definitely in the camp that believes women were given gifts to lead and teach and I can’t wait to see what God does through her!


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