3 Reasons You Should be at Thrive Tomorrow

It’s Saturday! Tomorrow is Sunday! Sunday is the day that Thrive has the privilege of gathering together!


I hope you can’t wait as well. Here are 3 Reasons you should be at Thrive tomorrow.

ONE…We start a new series called ‘Grow a Pair’. Yup, Grow a Pair. Ok, because a couple of you probably just scratched your head. Let’s just go right at what you’re wondering.

Isn’t the title a crude? Well, maybe. But, I guarantee to someone who has given up on God or Church, it’s probably not crude at all.

This is just a very real way of saying…BE BOLD! STEP UP! YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO OVERCOME!

So, tomorrow we dive into the story of Samson and discover how we can learn to not waste the amazing potential that God has given us!  So, I hope you’ll be there!samson-banner65x35

TWO…We need your pop bottles or cans. One Youth is raising money for their summer camp trip and a very easy way to support this trip is to bring your bottles. If there’s too many, we’ll come and pick them up.

THREE…To meet someone new!  Too many of us are living alone! Sure, we may have family or co-workers, but who do you have in your life to challenge you, be with you, encourage you and pray with you.

Head to Thrive tomorrow and begin the journey of meeting someone that will help you on your journey to Find and Follow Jesus.

See you soon! 



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