What an INCREDIBLE morning AHEAD!! Can’t wait to send my kids to camp and lead worship at Thrive!!

OH MY STINKING GOODNESS!!!! I am beyond EXCITED for what's ahead today!! First of all...It's Sunday!!! I can't wait to gather with my Thrive Church family!!! Second of all...My kids and a great group of students are headed to Big Stuf Camp in Panama City Beach, FL!!  Third of all...I have the privilege of leading... Continue Reading →


Our kids are heading to Big Stuf Summer Camp Tomorrow and we’re so EXCITED!!!!

The day is almost here! We've been waiting for months and months. We've been praying for this camp for months and months and now its here! Our kids are packed and one of them has re-packed a few times! Tomorrow the Raitz kids and a great group of students and leaders are headed to Big Stuf... Continue Reading →

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