What’s the Roadblock keeping you from Church?

We all have experienced roadblocks, right?

Whether we were driving or we were attempting something.

The experience of dealing with roadblocks is common.

Well, many people, believe it or not, have a roadblock or two that gets in the way of them being a part of a Church.

Here’s some of the roadblocks  about Church that I’ve heard:

  • Church is boring.
  • I’ll come to Church when my family isn’t so busy
  • Church just wants my money and time
  • Church is just too old fashioned
  • Church is full of hypocrites
  • Church is where people get judged

Every time I hear one of these roadblocks, my heart just breaks. Here’s what I know. Jesus loved the Church enough that He died for the Church! After He rose again from the dead, He established His Church. So, if it was important enough for Jesus, then…yeah…it should be important for us.

So, what do you say? Why not give Church a try again!

You’re invited to my Church, Thrive. We meet at 9 and 1015 at Celebration Cinema on Sunday mornings. Just dress comfortably. Just be you. Bring a friend and come check it out!

Can’t wait to see you!


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