What!?! I haven’t Preached at Thrive since April 3rd? I am Sunday and I can’t wait!

This is just crazy...I haven't preached at Thrive since April 3rd! What the heck is going on!?! I never thought I would ever take a 3 week break from preaching at Thrive! I mean, I LOVE preaching at Thrive! LOVE IT! Honestly, there's no other place I would rather preach! On a very warm beach... Continue Reading →


What’s the Roadblock keeping you from Church?

We all have experienced roadblocks, right? Whether we were driving or we were attempting something. The experience of dealing with roadblocks is common. Well, many people, believe it or not, have a roadblock or two that gets in the way of them being a part of a Church. Here's some of the roadblocks ¬†about Church... Continue Reading →

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