Favorite Moments from Easter at Thrive 2016

Today was a great day!

Today was the culmination of months and months of planning, preparing and praying!

Today was our third Easter Sunday at Thrive.

We decided even before we started as a Church, that we would invest a ton of prayer, effort, finances and dreaming into Easter Sunday’s. Why? Because 8 our to 10 people say they would accept an invitation to Church on Easter Sunday. So, we dream big. We pray boldly, but humbly. And we went for it today.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

1. Lives were changed! 16 people today made a spiritual decision! Wow! That’s why Thrive exists, to help people find and follow Jesus!!

2. Seeing something on paper become a reality. Every big Sunday at Thrive, starts out as a google doc. We have a Master plan that’s shared with all of our staff and key leaders and it evolves as our planning moves forward. Then, our creative teams meet and do more dreaming. The plan is tweaked and tweaked and then it is prayed over.

3. Our Volunteers! It hit me a few days ago that we had more volunteers serving today than we in total attendance on our launch Sunday! That’s just humbling!

4. The stories. Our creative team captured the amazing stories of a Thrive couple and a Thrive high school student! It was awesome to hear about how God is moving in their lives. Then, at the end of the experience, they played the amazing worship song ‘Death was Arrested’ and the song was intertwined with the culmination of the videos! WOW!!!! It was amazing!

5. Watching Generations Serve Together! Its just so awesome to see so many families serving together. Kids, Parents and Grand Parents! And, today, our worship pastor lead worship with his wife and his dad played lead guitar! THAT WAS AWESOME!!

6. Thrive Kidz absolutely ROCKED! It was amazing to have a REAL & LEGIT place for Thrive KidZ!! We normally meet at a movie theater and we do the best we can with the kid environments, but they’re not as great as they could be because of space issues. Today though! Wow! We had an amazing amount of space for our kids! We had a band for our kids! It was awesome!

7. Shoe Project! We’re raising about $23,000 to buy 850 kids a brand new pair of tennis shoes at two local elementary schools! We raised $5644 from today’s offering to go along with what’s already been raised, for a grand total of…$17843.82! That’s 713 pairs of shoes! We are just 137 pair of shoes away from our goal of 850!!!! So CLOSE!!

8. Co-teaching with Dr. Tom! This guy has always made me better! He makes my teaching better and he sharpens me! He’s a huge gift to Thrive Church and it was awesome to work through our messages together over the last few weeks!

9. The worship was off the hook! Holy Cow! Matt and his team did an amazing job of leading us in worship! I love the worship culture that Matt is building at Thrive and I love that we Worship Jesus Loud at Thrive!

10. Our staff just killed it! After our second experience, a Thriver came up to me and said, I just can’t believe how organized this all is! That was music to my ears! I love the team that God has assembled and I’m honored to serve with them!

 Wow, wow, just wow! Our BEST day yet as a Church! All morning long I fought off of tears and then finally gave in! God’s presence, His favor and His hand was on our Church today and it was so humbling!

To think, 130 weeks ago, there was 30 or so people in a living room and today, just wow!

I couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead for Thrive Church!
We start a new series next week called ‘DO GOOD’ and then on April 18th, we will head into Shepherd Elementary and Winn Elementary and pass out 850 pairs of SHOES!
Then on May 8th, we will celebrate MOM’s at Thrive with a special Sunday called ‘Mama’s Day! 
On May 15th we have another round of baptisms!! I can’t wait!!!
Then, DAD FEST returns to Thrive on June 12th! It’s the next time we’re on campus at CMU!
I’m just honored to be Thrive’s Pastor and I know…


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