Thrive is Moving this Sunday to CMU + All the details for Easter!

I can’t believe that Easter Weekend is finally here! It feels like we have been planning, preparing and praying for months…oh wait…we have! easter

I am so EXCITED it’s finally here!

All the planning was worth it. Praying at 3:27pm everyday has been worth it! Asking and seeking God for His plan, has been worth it!

And it’s here!

I am beyond THRILLED that Thrive is moving this Sunday to CMU. Down deep, I wish it was for every Sunday, but we’ll start with Easter Sunday. I’m excited to see how it will work out. We LOVE meeting at the movie theater on Sunday’s, but we’ve hit a plateau and we believe a growth lid. And, so for a year, we’ve been praying about a new location for Thrive and God lead us to CMU.

If you’re a Thriver, here are a few last minute reminders.

Don’t Forget…

To Pray! Pray for God’s favor and His blessing. Pray for those coming who don’t know Jesus. Pray for people who need to be fully ALIVE. And, join us tomorrow morning at 830am in front of Finch at CMU for the Easter prayer walk. It will take about 30 minutes!

To Invite! Lot’s of time to invite friends and family. 8 out of 10 people say they will accept an invite to Church on Easter Sunday. Use Facebook. Use email. Use smoke signals, whatever it takes!

To Help Set Up. We’re setting up at 7pm on Saturday night in Finch if you want to help!

To pre-register your kids for Thrive Kidz. Head to and click Thrive Kidz. You can pre-register your kids there!

To be early!! Yes, please be at least 30 minutes early. Get your kids checked in and be in Plachta by 9:25am and 10:55am at the latest. We don’t want you to miss anything.

AND…Because we’ve never used Plachta before on a Sunday, we need a HUGE favor. Would you consider sitting as close as possible? We want to fill the front first, so we don’t have a ton of people in the way back and no one up front. Thanks!

To bring your best offering yet! Our goal is to raise $10,000 on Sunday for the SHOE PROJECT! Yeah, that would be like 2 Sunday’s of offerings. ITS HUGE! IT’s kind of CRAZY to think about! But, I believe we can do it! Everything given on Sunday is going to the SHOE PROJECT!!

It’s going to be crazy hearing the stories of how this shoe project impacts the town of Shepherd! Thank you for giving, thank you for believing and thanks for wanting to impact others!

Lastly, Come Ready to Celebrate Jesus!

We believe Easter Sunday should be the biggest party ever! Why? Because we celebrate the RISEN Savior! Our Messiah. Our Lord.

So, come ready! To sing, to clap, to raise our hands in worship, to pray, to learn and to give God our best!

You are loved Thrive Church! I am praying for you!

See you on Sunday!


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